Conveyor-mounted Dimensionalizer

Dimensionalizers for high-volume ecommerce fulfillment centers
Upgrade your conveyor with vMeasure dimensionalizers to smoothly handle high parcel volumes and make the most of your warehouse floor space.

vMeasure Parcel Ultima dimensionalizer with conveyor option

The conveyor mounting option is your go-to solution for keeping the parcels moving seamlessly and efficiently through the warehouse hustle and bustle.

Major distribution centers or logistics hubs with a constant stream of parcels

Reducing physical strain on workers by automating dimensioning beside the conveyor, minimizing lifting, bending, and manual measuring

Utilizing vertical space efficiently, keeping the main floor area clear in settings where floor space is limited

Minimizing manual parcel handling, making it best suited for environments aiming to streamline operations

Struggling with Inaccurate Dimensions? vMeasure Dimensionalizer Delivers Precision in 30 Minutes Flat!

Get ready for stress-free setup with vMeasure Parcel Ultima dimensionalizers. You don’t need any technical expertise – start running in just thirty minutes. Enjoy quick setup and precise package measurements right from the start.

vMeasure Parcel Ultima dimensionalizers dimensioning capabilities

White Goods Mode
All Parcel Mode
Small SKU Mode
Mount Height
Min and Max Measurable Size
Small SKU Mode
Measuring Accuracy
Dimensioning Size Range
Additional Data Capture
Mount Height
Min and Max Measurable Size
All Parcel Mode
Measuring Accuracy
Dimensioning Size Range
Additional Data Capture
Mount Height
Min and Max Measurable Size
White Goods Mode
Measuring Accuracy
Dimensioning Size Range
Additional Data Capture

Integrates faster and quicker with vMeasure Forge dimensioning solution

An innovative cloud-based platform for seamless orchestration, customization, and management of all vMeasure dimensionalizers, enabling the replacement of desktops/laptops at receiving and shipping stations.
Transform the touch screens of your vMeasure dimensionalizers into intelligent data capture devices.
With vMeasure Forge dimensioning solution you can:
  • Get the application up and running live 90% quicker than any other software out there.

  • Streamline operations across multiple locations by continuously testing and implementing custom workflows from a centralized control center.

  • Enhance throughput and labor efficiency by utilizing site-level data analytics with just a single click.

  • Experience personalized dimensioning workflows and effortlessly generate audit records complete with SKU images.

vMeasure Parcel Ultima Dimensioning machines for Retailers

Parcel Ultima Pro
Parcel Ultima Gold

Get instant parcel DIMs with just one click. vMeasure Parcel Ultima Pro dimensioning machine swiftly dimensions, weighs, scans, and capture parcel photographs in a blink of an eye.

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Embrace liberation from manual dimensioning with vMeasure Parcel Ultima Gold automated dimensioners skyrocketing efficiency and profits.

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See what 3PLs, retailers, and manufacturers are saying about the vMeasure difference

Grant Burcham Head of Operation
Warehouse Anyware

...Speeds up the ability to capture the data or verify it without having to use a tape measure and a weight scale...!

Chris Lazanakis Managing Director
Dezel Business Solutions

...Low maintenance, mobility in the warehouse, custom API’s for integration and ease of use makes it an essential piece of equipment...!

Freddie Menezies National Manager
Kargo Group Of Companies

...improved service levels of upto 30% and this has allowed our vehicles to be on the road delivering rather than waiting in the loading bays...!

Tytus Wilson Director of Supply Chain Analytics

...allow our customers to access their dimensioning data and imagery to have accurate dimensional data for Supply Chain Optimization...!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the dimensionalizers optimize space in a warehouse setting?

When you place the dimensionalizer next to the conveyor belt, it makes smart use of vertical space. This is especially handy when you don’t have much floor space available because it leaves the main area open for other tasks.

How does the conveyor-mounted dimensionalizer reduce handling time?

It simplifies the measurement process by automating it alongside the conveyor, cutting down the time needed for manual parcel handling.

Are there any special considerations for the placement of the dimensionalizer in relation to the conveyor?

Make sure to position the dimensionalizer where it can easily measure parcel DIMs without getting in the way of the conveyor or workers. This ensures everything runs smoothly in the workspace.

What types of conveyors are compatible with the dimensionalizers’ mounting option?

The dimensionalizer can be mounted beside stop-and-go conveyors and mechanical roller conveyors.

Is there a risk of the system obstructing the view or movement of workers when mounted next to the conveyor?

The dimensionalizer is made to be compact and is usually installed above the conveyor. This way, it won’t block workers’ sight or get in their way as they move around the warehouse.

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